5 Ways a BLOG Can Help You Get More Business & Money

Like anything in business, when you invest time working on something, you should do it with a view (or a hope!) to see a return in some way, shape or form.  Your blog is no different. If you are spending hours generating content for your audience and giving everything away for free and seeing very little in return, you need to consider if that time is well spent?

They key is to generate fantastic and engaging content for your readers, but to also monetize your blog so that you can also earn revenue as a result – wouldn’t that be great?

There are a number of ways that you can do this, however, you need to carefully consider which options would work best for you and are in line with your business and your values.

It can be tempting to immediately run out and set as many as you can up as quickly as possible, but remember, quality over quantity!

Email Lists

  • You can encourage people to sign up to your email lists with freebies and lead magnets, and once they are on there, you have a primed audience ready to share your new products and services with on launch.

Affiliate Marketing

  • This is where you showcase products or services from other businesses on your blog or website and receive a cut of the profits every time something is purchased through your site. The key here is to ensure you are only featuring products or service you would use and personally recommend, and that is relevant to your audience.


  • This is another way of making money by allowing ads or banner ads on your blog. Google Adsense is a good place to start if this type of marketing interests you.

Online Courses or Ebooks

  • If you are knowledgeable in your field, why not create an online course or an ebook that you can sell? This is an excellent way of generating some passive income and allows you to showcase your expertise.

Online Webinars

  • If you feel confident, why not host an online webinar that people can join you on live? Not only will this provide value to your audience, but you could record this and then sell the recording as a training tool in the future which will generate income.


These are just a few of the ways that you could monetize your blog and make it start working for you financially. It is important to remember however that your blog is a reflection of your business and you do not want to compromise the quality for financial gain.

If you suddenly starting filling your blog with banner ads, marketing and pop-ups, your audience could very quickly lose their trust in you and your brand. If you are willing to compromise your own quality – what message does this send to potential clients? Nobody likes to be sold to in the cold light of day, so ensure what you choose to feature on your pages is a quality that you are happy with.

How could you start to monetize your blog? We’d love to know your ideas below!

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