Why showing up as your authentic self on social media  is important?

Social media is the key to any successful online business. Not only can you reach new audiences, share information about yourself, your products and your services, but it is also a fantastic low-cost way to effectively market your business.

Social media is an ever-evolving beast, however, and it can be difficult to know how to stand out from the crowd and make sure that your content captures the eye of your ideal client, rather than getting missed as they ruthlessly scroll through their page.

Social media, when used effectively within your business can be an amazing tool, it can however also be an extremely scary prospect. It is one thing sharing pictures and comments with your friends and family, but when you are trying to build a business – it is a totally different ball game.

Social media is very much ego play, it can be easy to be drawn into the ‘perfect’ lives and seemingly thriving businesses of others and feel very much insignificant in comparison. But how much of that do you think is real?  A lot of this is smoke and mirrors, because we know – no business or life comes without its fair share of challenges!

Showing up as your authentic self when it comes to social media can feel quite daunting. The pressure you can feel when creating an online presence is very real.

Do you really want to share the ups and downs of your business and show your vulnerability – surely this will only cause people to doubt your ability?

Not anymore, because times are changing.

With so much falsity in the world of social media, people are starting to crave connections with real people. You are the beating heart of your business, the reason it is out there in the world – and people want to know the face behind the branding.

So this got us thinking, what does being authentic REALLY mean?

The definition of authentic is ‘of undisputed origin, and not a copy; genuine.’

So here are some top tips on ways we think you can be authentic on social media:

Be transparent:

Don’t hide behind your brand, own it and be proud to show up.

Be Vulnerable:

Because nobody is perfect.  If you share your highs and your lows with your audience, they will not only respect you more but by sharing your stories of what you have learnt and perhaps how you overcame a challenge – they will see your growth and also feel more able to relate to you. (If you would like some support with learning how to tell compelling stories within your business check out our July topic which talks all about this in great depth! – Will insert link here).

Be representative of who you REALLY are and what you stand for:

What are your values and what makes you get up and work on your business every single day?

Don’t copy other people:

How many times have you seen copycat business pages, the same colours, similar branding, regurgitated content from other people’s pages – this doesn’t make you stand out and certainly will not give you credibility from your audience.

Find a balance:

In order to be genuine and your authentic self on social media, share stories and life experiences about yourself, but find a balance on what is appropriate and always make sure there is a link or a reason behind telling that story. This doesn’t always have to be linked to sales, but perhaps to why you made a certain decision, how it shaped your business, or how you feel a certain way about something.

Build Relationships:

It is important to build trust with your online followers, because if people trust you, they are more likely to engage with you, relate to you and purchase your products or services.  If you are showing up as your honest and genuine self, then people will gravitate to you for that.

So we challenge you to be yourself on social media and don’t be afraid to show up as your true, authentic self.  Through practice and developing your skills and knowledge we know that you can start making the impact on social media that you deserve. – Are you ready to start showing up?

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