Building a Brand & Visibility Pathway

Founder, Women in Business Club

You are invited to be part of the Women in Business Virtual Women Thrive summit which took place in April 2020.

This summit is our community initiative to empower more women to start their own businesses online, share experiences, start important debates and create a ripple effect. We have curated an incredible line up of speakers who bring an incredible amount of value to this virtual summit event experience.

Melanie Spring

International keynote speaker, dynamic emcee, and corporate communications trainer.

Rock Your Brand Story – how to keep e’m talking

Do you remember the last time you heard a truly great story?

When you think back on it, you don’t remember all of the details but you remember how it made you FEEL.

Great brands make sure you feel something when they share their story – it’s time to write your own.

Melanie speaks to the brands that are ready to build brand ambassadorship – inside & out. Looking at how big brands with big budgets tell stories and how you can tell yours with any budget (promise), she will share her secrets of how you can get your whole team on board and customers talking about YOU!

In masterclass you will get:

  • examples of brands that tell great stories
  • tips on how to build brand ambassadorship
  • a plan of action to start applying to your branding and visibility

Melanie is both practical and fun, and you won’t want to miss this epic masterclass session!

It’s up to YOU to rock your brand story!

Alex Adored Designs 

Brand Strategist, Web Designer

The No 1 Reason Why Some Brands Standout and Others Fail

Do do you struggle with your branding? Are you pulled in many different directions? Put an end to tweaking your brand colours and comparing yourself to others.

This workshop will help you create a strong brand, with personality and focus.

Alex creates strategic branding and websites that connect businesses with the right people and make selling a breeze.

For 5+ years she’s worked for brands like Jimmy Choo, River Island and Childrensalon in the UK, as well as top agencies in Cracov, Poland where she’s originally from. In 2016, she created Adored Designs which quickly transformed into an agency serving top bloggers and entrepreneurs all over the world.


Melanie Spring

International keynote speaker, dynamic emcee, and corporate communications trainer.

Rock Your Life – Show up & Show off

Debra B. Hamilton

Relationship & Intimacy Coach/Author/Speaker

Mastering Communication in your Relationship & Marriage

Tiffany Neuman

Legacy Brand™ Strategist

Building Your Legacy by Developing a Sustainable Brand

Tara Bradford

Visibility Strategist

Accelerate Your Influence Online – Marketing Strategies To Generate New Clients Into Your Business

Michelle Enjoli

Speaker and Career Mentor

The Secret To Making Connections In Order To Grow Your Business

Avaree Pink-Lewin 

Brand Strategist and Business Consultant

Show Up and Stand Out!

How to Captivate, Communicate and Dominate with a Powerful Personal Brand