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Confidence and Mindset

Do you know that 90% of your success is reliant on your mindset and your confidence?

Whether you believe you can, or can not – it is true. Because if your mindset says you can not achieve something – no matter what you do it will not happen. 

The same goes for confidence – it is merely belief in yourself and your own capability to achieve success. 

Of course, it is not so simple – that is why we created this bundle to help you master your mindset and feel confident in yourself so you can conquer. 

Confidence and Mindset Bundle 

What are we going to be learning about this month?

Self Love

The first step to confidence and mindset is self-love and appreciation. Appreciating and honoring who you are and all the experiences that made you who you are. 


Mindset plays a big part in your success – whether you believe you can or you can’t – you are right. in this bundle, we will help you master your mindset and achieve success. 


Let’s build your confidence so you can show up as an empowered, strong and confident woman that you are. No more playing small or shrinking to suit others. Time to shine girl!

6 Steps to Life Mastery

When you feel aligned with your life’s true purpose, everything becomes effortless and things start to flow. You feel lighter and happier all around, whilst performing at your optimum capacity. 

Download our 6 Steps to Life’s Mastery cheat sheet to find out how you can live a happier life. 


Say NO to what isn’t part of your values 

Learning to say NO is a powerful self-love technique that will help you claim your self-worth and power back that you deserve. Sometimes it is not about saying Yes, but learning to say NO to things that no longer serves you.  

Action Point 

List Your Core Values and share it in our Facebook group. Being clear on your values will help you stay aligned and share those with your community too. 

Action Points:

Time to take action and show us how committed you are to your success. Follow the action points below and check in with us in our private Facebook Group so we can all celebrate your wins!!!

Your Beliefs System

List your beliefs around money – what you been told as a child and how those beliefs are still affecting your mindset. Now ask yourself – are those beliefs true and valid? Or are they merely false beliefs instilled by your family, teachers and society?

Ta-daa List

We are all familiar with a to-do list, but what is a ta-daa list?
A ta-daa list is a list that showcases and evidences all of those
special moments where you feel proud of yourself and your
accomplishment and want to say “ta-daa!”

Setting Your Goals

Time to set some super-duper ambitious goals that will keep you focused and striving for the rest of the year. Think about short, medium and long term goals. Plus make sure they are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. 

Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a strange thing. When you’re doing really well, you’re focused on successes and accomplishments, and you feel confident and strong. But when you’re down or sad, you’re focused on failures and you feel low self-confidence or even defeat. Please know that you’re not alone in these highs and lows.

Everyone struggles with self-confidence every now and then. The key is recognizing that confidence is like a muscle — the more you work on it, the easier it will be for you to use and maintain.

During this workshop, Nicoline Huizinga, visibility expert, coach shares her top 5 ways to work your confidence muscle and boost your confidence on a daily basis.

Money Mindset and Setting Goals

New Year is just around the corner and I know you are eager to set some goals and create a super successful launch for your business. 

But before we plan you launch let’s dive into Money Mindset and what is still holding you back. In this masterclass replay, you will learn all about overcoming your limiting beliefs and get practical about setting goals for 2020. 

Time to take control and step into the new year like a true entrepreneur who is ready to succeed. 

Bonus workbooks

Use these additional workbooks to help you truly master your mindset and build your confidence to success. 

Self Love workbook

First step to mindset mastery is self-love – find out how you can take better care of yourself and step into your full potential by downloading this workbook. 

Your Health

We all know that entrepreneurship isn’t easy and very often we leave our personal health as our last priority – grab this simple workbook to help you get back on track with your health and start building positive habits today. 

Money Mindset

Most women struggle with Money Mindset and Limiting beliefs that prevent us from charging our worth and becoming successful in life and business. Using this incredible workbook – kick those money mindset blocks and start achieving success. 

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