Content Swipe Files

Are you struggling to write your sales page or come up with epic copy for your social media posts? This month we are giving you ‘behind-the-scenes’ swipe files and guidance on how to create your own email and marketing copy that will make it easy for you to implement in your business. 

Content Swipe Files

We all know that copy is the key when it comes to writing highly converting sales pages that captivates attention of your audience.

There is nothing worse when you are faced with a blank screen and no idea where to start. When you are trying to create your next product sales page but have no idea how to make it work.

That is why we have collated some of the best tips, structures and blueprints when it comes to creating sales worthy content for your sales pages, social media and more.

Go ahead and swipe these resources and start creating epic copy that sells. 

This Month’s Resources

Sales Page

September Workshops

Sales Funnel Build Masterclass

Are you ready to start implementing all the resources from this month’s theme? 

Come and join our live ‘Step-by-step Funnel Building Masterclass’ where we take you behind the scenes of the Women in Business strategies and techniques.

Showing you how to:

– Plan your 3 months worth of content and themes so you a have a solid marketing strategy 

– Create your lead magnet to generate new leads on autopilot 

– Create your nurture email sequence to build trust with your audience 

– Promote your lead magnet online to generate new subscribers and prospects 

Looking for ready-made Social Media tiles? 


Here is a sample of our ‘done-for-you’ social media posts ready-made for you in Canva. All you need to do is to click to download and make your own! 

This is part of our paid-for bundle, but as a member of the Women in Business Club – You get it for FREE!

Ambassador Program

As a Women in Business Club member, you automatically enrolled in our Ambassador programme, which means you can earn small % as a result of sharing this knowledge with your network of friends.

Help us share this knowledge and generate benefits! All new members that join via your unique referral link will be able to access hours of training, workbooks, our private community and other benefits.  As an ambassador, you will earn 20% of each referral and reoccurring 20% after 5 referrals

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