Most people have heard of Gmail and have a Gmail account, but did you know there is much more to Gmail that meets the eye?

Gmail is part of a more extensive set of services that Google have developed known as the Google Suite.  Access to all of the tools is available with a free Gmail account and when appropriately used, can be a powerful resource to help take your business to the next level!

The tools available can help you to keep your business organised and keep assets protected while sharing resource easily with clients or your team when needed. 

Google Suite is a fantastic tool, especially for collaborative working and so we wanted to give you a quick rundown on the functions available to you if you delve a little bit deeper than just your emails!


Gmail is the email function of the suite of tools and is widely used for its intuitive, easy and efficient way of working.  Gone are the days of having to file emails in folders because Gmail has an incredibly adept search and archive functions allowing you to find your emails quickly and efficiently when you need to.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is like the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp of Google.  A robust communication platform that you access via a webpage, app or browser extension; you can share links, do pop up calls and create group chats with your team members or clients for quick, easy and secure communication.

Google Drive

Google Drive is like a virtual filing cabinet. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to access a file but you can’t because it is on your desktop at home?  Google Drive is like your virtual desktop where you can hold all of your information and documents in a way that makes sense.

The great features of Google Drive are:

  • You can easily share whole folders or single documents with other people with a variety of permissions and lots of ways that you can share, via invitation or providing a link, for example.
  • Collaborative working is a breeze with functions such as comments and real-time revisions that you can as they are made. 
  • You can have multiple drives all associated with different email addresses, which makes it easy to keep things organised.

Google Docs

Google docs are like a web-based word processor with the added benefit of automatic saving, meaning no more time wasted losing documents and having to start again. There are google docs, which is just like Word. Google Sheets which is like excel and Google Slides, which is the same as powerpoint, where you can make beautiful presentations. 

You can easily add comments for other team members, and it makes collaborating on the content so easy as you can see how it evolves. 

Google Forms

Google Forms is a great tool that allows you to create forms and use them in lots of different ways. You can capture information with various questions and formats, and the answers and information then get pushed into a Google sheet for easy reading. You can gather essential data with Google forms and use them in conjunction with lots of other platforms. Using Google Sheets can be one of the first ways many people dabble with simple automation in their business. 

There are lots of other amazing functions in Google to explore, for example, Google Keep, Google Photos, Maps and Calendar. It is well worth exploring and seeing how introducing the use of some of these tools into your business can save you time as well as make your working processes and procedures more efficient.

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