How to Crush Your Social Media in Just 1 Hour a Day 

Do you want to master showing up on Social Media in less time? In this month’s theme you can learn how to generate new content ideas when batch creating content. How to use these ideas to then repurpose content in order to show up consistently and attract your ideal clients. 

Crushing Your Social Media

Are You Ready to Show Up? 

This month you will learn how to come up with content ideas and use those ideas to create content consistently. Using techniques of repurposing, and generation. 

This month you will learn how to:  

– Idea generation techniques 

– How to repurpose this content for various platforms so you can show up consistently as an authority in your field 

– How to use LinkedIn to prospect your ideal clients 

– How to use Instagram to grow and scale your business and your authority 

BONUS: How to use Clubhouse to attract and convert your ideal clients, network to grow your authority and become more visible by sharing your voice. 

    Training & Resources 

    How to Crush Social Media to 100k Followers

    Do you want to know how we crushed our Social Media Goals and got to 100k on Instagram in One Year and Facebook in 2 years? 

    Join this exclusive behind the scenes of Women in Business Social Media secrets where we share with you: 

    How to Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

    – What Content You Need to Post in Order to Drive Sales
    – What Content is Doing GREAT on which Social Media platforms
    – Why People Buy and How to Create Content that Sells
    – How to Make Your Social Media Posts STOP the Scroll
    – 5 Types of Posts you Need to Share Every Week
    – I shared all the screenshot and never seen before behind the scenes of which posts are crushing it on social media.

    This workshop is not to be missed if you are looking to master your social media skills and get huge results in a short space of time. 

    You will walk away with clear overview of our Social Media strategies, clarity on content types and what it takes to grow your following to 100k followers online. 

    This masterclass is led by Raimonda Jan, founder and CEO of Women in Business Club

    How to Generate Content Ideas for Social Media 

    Are you wondering what to share when it comes to showing up online when using social media? How to show up as authority and attract your ideal clients? 

    In this training I share with you some simple ideas and techniques to generate content ideas in bulk so you can keep coming back to the ideas you have generated and repurpose it for various social media platforms online. 

    Grab a pen and paper and click play. 

    If you need to work on your Ideal Client Avatar please download Your Ideal Client Avatar Cheatsheet and visit ‘How to Become an Expert in Your Niche‘ and listen to training ‘Identifying Your Customer and Pre-Qualifying Your Lead’. 


    Repurpose Content for all Social Media Platforms

    Now that you have generated so many ideas for your social media, how do you use it effectively to show up on your social media?

    The key to success is showing up consistently using social media and various platforms to expand your reach, share your message and build your visibility online.

    In this training we cover various techniques of how to repurpose content ideas so you can deliver your message across various different platforms and share it through different mediums, such as posts, stories, lives, video, blog, audio and other. 

    You may want to use all of these ideas or pick and choose the ones that suits you. But the key is being visible in places where your ideal clients are and being strategic about how you use your time effectively. 


    How to Use Instagram to Attract Your Ideal Clients

    Are you ready to use your content ideas to show up on Instagram? 

    In this training in break down how to use various content ideas to share using Instagram. 

    This may be in a form of Posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels or any form of content that suits your personal and brand style. 

    In this training you will also find tips and strategies in how to use hashtags, why branding is important and how people use Instagram and how you can create scroll stopping content to captivate your audience, grow your following and become authority in your field. 

    Also included is a simple to use Canva template to map out your content types for the week ahead so you can stay on track when it comes to sharing your content using various tools of Instagram. 

    Use this Canva Template to figure out your posting pattern for Instagram and types of post you will be sharing on daily basis. 

    How to Use LinkedIn to Prospect and Connect

    Are you using LinkedIn to it’s full potential to prospect with your ideal clients? 

    In this training you will learn how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile to attract more ideal clients, connect with your prospective clients or how to network strategically. 

    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for content sharing that can attract new audience and reach your ideal clients. 

    But it is even more powerful when you use it strategically to connect with people that you are intentional about connecting. 


    Have you started to use Clubhouse App? 

    Clubhouse is a brand new Voice Only Social Media platform that is quickly gaining momentum and attracting entrepreneurs, experts and business owners who are using it share or amplify their their message, grow their businesses and grow their authority. 

    We have recently share a blog post talking about Clubhouse app and how to use it to grow your authority

    In this upcoming BONUS training we will be sharing some insights and secrets to successful networking and connecting. Using this brand new app to connect and grow your business. 

    Keep an eye for this brand new training coming soon! 




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    Help us share this knowledge and generate benefits! All new members that join via your unique referral link will be able to access hours of training, workbooks, our private community and other benefits. All of this for only $37.99 a month or $379.00 a year. As an ambassador, you will earn 20% of each referral and reoccurring 20% after 5 referrals

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