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Most supportive, dynamic, ambitious and international community, events and online platform for women 

Women in Business Club

We are a platform for women who are looking to grow and expand in business. You may just be starting out or have been in business for many years, our Member’s Platform is a supportive Women Only community for female entrepreneurs and business owners.

Who is The Member’s Club for?

Empowered Women, Empower Women

We believe that women who are empowered with knowledge, skills and a supportive tribe of women, will not only go further in business and life but will also support and empower other women. We believe that by empowering one woman we are creating a much bigger impact on the world and wider communities.

What’s Included?

Women in Business Membership Includes

– Online Business Resources (50 hours +) to help you grow your business, mindset and your bank account

– Members Only Blog area and bonus content, cheat sheets, checklists and more

– Weekly Q&A sessions with the club founder and exclusive guests

– Private Facebook Group and ability to be featured on our hot seat monthly

– Discounts to our in-person exclusive events, dinner meet-ups, retreats and pop-up events

– Networking opportunities with supportive and likeminded tribe of women

– Empowered Women Music Playlist

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Risk-free – You can cancel anytime, no minimum contracts or commitments. If you feel like Member’s Club isn’t for you, or your circumstances change, you can cancel anytime by visiting your Member Dashboard. 

Meet some of our Club Members

Meet Abbie

When Sarah first joined the WIB Members Club, she felt stressed, overwhelmed and didn’t know much about running her own business. She just didn’t know if she could do it all alone.

After coming across our community in August 2018, she joined right away and discovered what it feels like to be surrounded by a supportive community of women.

She fell in love with all the content and resources that was available for her and a place where she can ask for help whenever she feels stuck.

She is no longer overwhelmed by all the noise on the internet and enjoying learning more about business with the guidance of a supportive community.

Meet Elaine

 Elaine has been in business for over 20 years, but felt like she needed to learn more about running a business online. She truly wanted to be part of a supportive community online and improve her skills.

Before joining, she felt frustrated and at a loss as to how to tackle this whole new side of running a business online and using social media.

Since joining, Elaine has been  using the monthly workshops, e-books and simple to follow guides. She also feels like she can rely on help from various amazing women in our community and she doesn’t need to do it alone.

She also found an accountability buddy who helps her push the limits and aim higher in her business and personal goals.


Meet Johanne

Before joining, Johanne was feeling scared of showing up online. The thought of doing a live video made her palms sweat and heart beat faster. 

She came across the WIB community and took up a challenge to do a live in our Facebook group full of supportive and kind women. 

She practiced it by using our Live Video Cheat sheet, and now Johanne does videos regularly and is no longer scared to show up to her audience. 

She has in fact been able to build up, not only her confidence but also launch her business and start enrolling private clients. 

Johanne found not only a supportive platform for women but also a new circle of friends.

Member’s Club

First Step to Your Business Success 

Join our Women in Business Club and experience what it feels like to be surrounded by like-minded women from all walks of life, sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences. You will not only gain new friends but also a tribe of cheerleaders helping you achieve success in your business! 

Topics We Cover

Within our Member’s Club you can expect to find resources and video content around, visibility, marketing, confidence building, mindset, goal setting, launching your business. Practical guides on lead generation, building your landing pages, figuring out the tech and email systems. Lists of tools and resources to help you systemise your business and help make runs things more efficiently, so you can step away from working in your business, and become a true business owner who has freedom and time to live life and enjoy things you most love doing. 

Our Business Resources to Help You Grow

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Risk-free – You can cancel anytime, no minimum contracts or commitments. If you feel like Member’s Club isn’t for you, or your circumstances change, you can cancel anytime by visiting your Member Dashboard. 

From Our Existing Members

What our members are loving about Women In Business Club, our community and events!

What I truly love about the Women In Business Club, is that each and every member (and every guest to events) is highly professional and committed to helping other women in business to thrive. It’s like being around sisters from one family, without knowing them all. The member club provides amazing themes and content (amazing value for money!) and is a great support for my business! I’m truly proud and happy to be a member!

Nicoline Huizinga

Visibility Expert & Author

“This community is fabulous! It is a cozy environment where expert women share their valuable knowledge and where I get to help also whenever I can. The networking with other women is the best opportunity this group has offered me and for that, I am deeply grateful to Raimonda the founder and admin. I really resonate with her calm and professional manner and I like how all the community reflects that. If you also are in this crazy entrepreneurial journey I definitely recommend joining Women in Business for support and a whole bunch of goodness. Aloha!”

Veronica Gaya

Conscious travel agent

“What a wonderful community!
Women in Business is an amazing space with so much ongoing value and support.
The Facebook group is such a safe Haven for entrepreneurs! I am learning and growing every day, thanks to this community of women!”

Lian Allweis

Mindset and transformation coach

 “This Members Club is all about lifting women up, helping them reach their dreams and encouraging courage. And I love that. I have met so many incredibly inspiring ladies through the Club, and learned so much through the trainings and amazing event speakers. It’s made me rethink my business and set my goals even higher!”

Cate Butler Ross

Copy writing expert and coach

“This group is so empowering. I am SO glad I joined. Since joining this group, I have been able to practice my Live video skills (as part of the August challenge) and I have received such amazing support and feedback. This group is full of amazing women who motivate and inspire me!”

Abbie Robinson

Life Coach

“It’s a place I can ask all those questions about business that I wouldn’t dare ask elsewhere because this community really has your back. It’s inclusive, you can be yourself, and there is so much wisdom and willingness to help and point you in the right direction. Having lived in four different countries, I love this truly international tribe!”

Yvonne Dam

Life and Career Coach