Hey beautiful,

So you may have just joined Women in Business Members Club, or perhaps you have been a member for a while, but just don’t know where to begin? Either way, we wanted to shed some light on navigating your membership and reduce any overwhelm.

We know that within the Member’s Club there is a huge volume of resources, information, workshop replays and more. But let’s take one step at a time!

You may have joined our community to help you realise your ideas into life, give you some new knowledge and introduce you to tools you need to build a successful business. Well, we designed our content to achieve just that. So let’s dive right in!

If you are just starting out in business and have not yet established yourself as an authority or as a business owner you may want to get started with building your personal brand. Whether you are a coach, salon owner, interior decorator or starting out entrepreneur, ultimately people will do business with you. And if you want to talk about your business or your skills online, or perhaps do some networking, you want your personal brand and social media to look professional and represent you in the best light possible. Because at the end of the day, you only have one chance to make the first impression! So go ahead and check out our Personal Branding Theme to help you start crafting your online presence.

If Social Media isn’t your strong point, and perhaps you need some guidance in setting up your social media profiles correctly, or you need a bit of help navigating Instagram or Linkedin, we have a whole months worth of workshops and e-books dedicated to social media, where you can find all you need to help you get set up.

You may have it all figured out with social media, but lack ideas for new content, or just don’t know how to engage with your audience in a compelling and exciting way? Why not try our Copywriting month where you can learn all about the power of storytelling, learn more about the art of persuasive writing with our Copywriting 101 workshop and even indulge in Writing Your Own Book workshop. You will find plenty of inspiration and help to turn your content around in just a few hours.

Perhaps public speaking is more of your thing when it comes to visibility? Girl, you are sure brave! Why not hone your skills even further with our Public Speaking, Visibility and PR theme. Also, we have so many amazing events and other opportunities where you may be able to practice your skills, right here within our community!

Hey, we get it, public speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! In fact, so many women told us that going Live on social media is one of their worst fears! So we created a quick checklist in the bonus section to help you feel more prepared and confident when going live for the first time. It is worth checking it out if the thought of showing up live on camera gives you sweats.

If you are just starting to build your business and you are at a place where you really need to start generating some new leads, we would highly recommend our Lead Generation month workshops. There you will find so much value on how to get started with attracting your first 1k email subscribers. You’ll also find information on how to build effective funnels and create highly converting lead magnets. It truly is a gem of a month to help you with growing your email list in no time.

This theme is strategically followed by Launch your Business workshops because without an email list you can’t have a successful launch. In Launch Your business month, we had a very diverse range of expert speakers, so whatever business you have, you will surely find some useful information on how to plan, prepare and launch your business successfully.

We also know that even the most carefully planned launch can sometimes be tripped over by tech issues. So in June 2018, we dedicated a whole month to delving into tech tools and other useful information to help you navigate the tech side of your business. Also, in Lead Generation month, our developer Toni talks in more detail about the tech side behind your funnels. This is a useful workshop if you find you funnels aren’t converting and you want to make your launch work seamlessly on autopilot.

Not familiar with tech tools? Check out the Tech Tool Box to help you work more efficiently and save time doing certain tasks. We picked our favourite online tools that will surely be of help to you and your business.

All this work sounds exhausting, right? Well, why not spend some time taking better care of your health and your daily routine? No want wants to burn out while running a business, that is why we dedicated a full month of workshops just on health, wellbeing and to help you create a positive work/life balance. Also, we have lots more support for you on self-care on our main website blog section.

And remember, if you haven’t got the time to check out all the videos, you can always grab a workbook and read it in your own time. Our workbooks contain all the key points of the workshop so you can glance at a quick summary without having to sit through the whole video!

So go explore! We hope you enjoy and that we see you join us for more live workshops! These take place every Wednesday via our CrowdCast live stream.

Don’t forget to grab a unique coupon code every month via the Member’s Club Dashboard to give you free access!