Launch Your Business Blueprint 

Most people fail at launches because of lack of planning, preparation, launch readiness and lack of support… But, we know you are not most people! You are a go-getter female entrepreneur and you are ready to push those boundaries to success! Time to get ready for your big launch! 

Check out all the resources we have prepared for you! 

Launch Your Biz to Success Blueprint

After months of creating your product or service, no doubt you want to make a huge impact, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to organising a successful launch. How to begin raising awareness, build trust or convert your followers into paying customers. You are probably if you can really pull this off – but let me tell you, you CAN! 

No more second guessing yourself or your product, it is time to plan your next biz launch that will reap rewards in the months to come. In this Launch Your Biz Theme you will:

– Have a complete plan of action to take your biz launch to success ?

– Know exactly how to reach your ideal audience with automated systems ?

– Have a plan for on-boarding and nurturing your new prospects into paying customers ?

Are you ready for your next launch? Scroll down to begin! 

This Month’s Featured Workshops

Where do you begin? 

Are you ready to start planning your next big launch? 

So many people feel overwhelmed with launches, simply because there is so much to do and so little patience to get everything done. But as they say ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. 

Get started with this introductory masterclass where our club founder, entrepreneur and business mentor shares her insights about launching a business or an offer. 

Talking about:

– The importance of launch event

– Most common pitfalls when it comes to launching 

– How does mindset play a part in your launch success 

– How to attract the right audience to your launch 

Click play on the video to begin, as well as grab the two complimenting resources – ‘Ideal Client Avatar’ Cheatsheet and your ‘Ultimate Launch Checklist’. 

Planning for a Successful Launch using Challenges

In this masterclass we dive deeper into the full launch strategy and planning process and covering in much detail of what needs to happen prior, during and after your launch.

We break down the launch timeline using AIDA Marketing Funnel Strategy for lead generation, nurturing your audience. Covering in more detail the use of Facebook Groups and Challenges to engage your audience in your launch.

This masterclass is value packed to help you take your launch idea and help you create a solid plan and strategy that you feel confident to execute and one that will help you convert your audience into customers.

This masterclass led by our community expert and founder, Raimonda Jan –  an entrepreneur of over 10 years, with experience in branding, marketing, visibility and business strategy.

How to Create Purposeful & Strategic Content 

Masterclass 3 – Launch Your Biz Blueprint Challenge – How to Create Purposeful & Strategic Content

In this masterclass Content Stylist Claire Lockey will help you plan, design, and create purposeful content for your launch strategy. 

In this masterclass you will learn about: 

– Planning your content for your launch 

– Utilising various Social Media features to generate leads 

– How to be practical with content creation 

– How to create a solid Launch Strategy using Content 

Looking at various social media strategies and techniques for lead generation, Claire will give you a full inside scoop on her content planning strategies for launch. 

If you want to truly leverage your social media for your launch, this masterclass will be invaluable for you.

Setting Up Your Tech Behind Your Launch 

Masterclass 4 – Launch Your Biz Blueprint Challenge – How to Sett up the Tech behind your Launch

In this masterclass Facebook Ad and Funnel Strategist Katie Colella will show you how to set up your Launch Tech in few simple steps. Sharing her secrets and insights how she helps her 6 and 7 figure clients set up automated nurture and launch sequences for successful launches. 

In this masterclass you will learn more about: 

– Lead Generation techniques 

– How to set up your automations to nurture your audience 

– How to use Challenges that run on autopilot for your launch 

– How to close your sales using various follow-up techniques 

You will not want to miss this last training of the 4 Launch Your Biz Blueprint series! 

Looking for tech tools to help you launch your business? 


Here is an in-depth resource to help you set up your launch for success sing some of our favourite tech tools. Starting with communication tools to bring prospects into your world, nurture them and help them transact, to payment systems and hosting platforms that will help you deliver epic customer experience. 


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