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Launch Your Business to Success

Are you ready to take your business dream to reality? It probably feels scary and overwhelming to finally put your ‘baby’ into the spotlight – but don’t worry, we got your back.

In this month’s bundle we have covered all the steps to help you take your business from an idea to a successful launch. 


Launch Your Business Bundle 

What are we going to be learning about this month?


In this bundle we will learn the purpose of a launch event and how to successfully generate buzz around your up and coming product / service or a business 

GeneratE Leads

The core of any successful launch is having a list of warm leads or prospects waiting to buy. We will learn how to generate interest with your first ever lead magnet


We will map out your launch and create a winning formula even with a tiny list of email subscribers or followers. Are you ready and excited to get started?

Tiny Email List? No problem 

Whatever stage of your business you are at, it does not matter. Because we will walk you through the steps of creating an epic launch for your business, even if you do not have a list of subscribers yet. 

Grab your workbook 

And start mapping out the problems that you solve with your product or service. Who would be interested to buy your product and why? This workbook will help you gain clarity and find some answers. 

Action Point 

Check in our Facebook group with any questions or ideas that you may have. You may find that ladies in the group are willing to provide you feedback or help you hit the next milestone. 

Action Points:

Time to take action and show us how committed you are to your success. Follow the action points below and check in with us in our private Facebook Group so we can all celebrate your wins!!!


Not sure if someone will buy what you have to offer? Time to put your spy glasses on and find out. Can you join any FB groups of forums to ask some questions?

Can you find people talking about the ‘pain’ or ‘solution’ on Quora or other online forums? Validate your idea before launching – the more you know about your ideal client the better positioned you are to serve them.

Lead Magnet

Time to create your first ever Lead Magnet – what piece of content can you repurpose in order to create your lead magnet to generate interest in your product or service? What can you give away for FREE to help your ideal client get a sample of what you offer?

Check in with us via Facebook group and get someone to test your lead magnet and funnel for ultimate success. 

Map it Out

Even the most ‘seasoned’ entrepreneurs have a plan. Before you launch it is time to map it all out – the exact timelines, details, objectives, email sequences, promotional campaigns, your social media posts, your cheerleaders. Who will be doing what and when? It is easy to get demotivated when you are not seeing much progress with your launch – so having a plan will be your saviour for staying on track. 

Why have a ‘Launch’ Event?

Launch is probably one of the most important events in the cycle of your business, and if done correctly it can reap huge rewards.

Many people talk about launching a product or service, but often fail to prepare for this exciting business milestone.

In this session, we will talk about different types of launches, why launch event is so important, and how to do it right the first time around, becuase you only have one chance at leaving a lasting impression.

This workshop is hosted by Raimonda Jan, founder of Women in Business Club, successful entrepreneur and mentor. She has a decade of first-hand experience in launching businesses. Raimonda has mentored many early stage start-ups at successfully launching their crowdfunding campaigns and reaching their goals within the first few days and weeks of launching their business.

Turn any piece of content into a lead magnet

If you have been wondering how to get started with lead generation and get more subscribers onto your list, lead magnets are your answer.
Did you know that you can use any bit of content that you create and turn it into a lead magnet? In this workshop, you will learn all about various types of lead magnets, what they are and how to create them with minimal effort.

Many people spend so many hours procrastinating, designing, and making lead magnets as long as a textbook, STOP! You don’t need to do that. In this workshop, you will learn the purpose of a lead magnet and how to make the ideal eye-catching content to covert your audience into subscribers.

Bonus workbooks

Use these additional workbooks to help you plan a successful launch. P.s. don’t forget to check out our blog section too for more insights. Bonuses are here for limited time only – so grab them now!

Networking Marketing Business

Launching a network marketing business? Here is our exclusive workbook available for you to help you take your MLM business from ground 0 to success. 


Are you wondering how to bring it all together to achieve a successful launch? Chances are that you will need to use a bit of tech to help you achieve the outcomes. Grab this incredible TECH TOOLS resource to help you. 

Coaching business

Are you launching a brand new coaching business and not sure where to begin? Grab this exclusive bonus workbook to help you map out your coaching business launch plan. 

Looking to build advanced and automated sales funnels? 

You have completed all the steps above – but you are at the stage where you need to build your HIGHLY converting sales funnel to take your leads and convert them into buyers using Nurture sequences and sales funnels. 

We have an exclusive Member’s Only masterclass – one-time offer – you can purchase this masterclass and get a FREE workbook for just $14.99 limited time offer or upgrade your membership today to access more content like this.  

Catch this masterclass replay and start building your Sales and Nurture Funnels right away!!! Comes with a workbook and lifetime access to this masterclass. 

Members Only Blog 

As a member of our community, you get access to our dedicated members-only blog section. 

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