Lead Generation Month

September 2018

This month we are featuring 3 incredible experts to deliver the best of expertise on lead magnets, new lead generation, email funnels and how to get your first 1,000 email subscribers.


September is here and we are ready to kick-start a new season with a bang! Are you ready to get visible and to start attracting your ideal clients to your carefully crafted email sequence?

This month you will learn all about creating your nurture email sequences, designing irresistible lead magnets, creating sales sequences, and figuring out all your tech to make it all work on autopilot. So you can make it work once and go and enjoy your freedom lifestyle, with your family, friends or simply traveling the world and living that beach lifestyle that you always dreamed of.

Before we get too carried away with dreaming, let’s get started with taking action first. Register for this month’s incredible live workshops and learn with us how to create your own sales email sequences that give you back your freedom and works for you on autopilot. 

This Month’s Featured Experts

Mastering the tech behind your lead generation funnel with Toni Martin-Clarke

Your lead generation efforts are integral to the ultimate success of your business!

So many of us have an idea of what our process should be but struggle when it comes to making all the moving pieces fit together. In this workshop we will look at exactly what you need from a tech perspective in order to create a well-oiled, automated, lead generation process that will effortlessly manage your new leads for you!

Toni is a Digital Business Consultant, helping female entrepreneurs with tech and digital strategy so that they can cut the overwhelm and frustration to build a business they love. With a particular love for websites and sales funnels, Toni is the founder of agency Defined Digital offering a range of tech solutions.

How to turn any piece of content into a leadmagnet 

How to turn any piece of content into a lead magnet. If you have been wondering how to get started with lead generation and get more subscribers onto your list, lead magnets are your answer.

Did you know that you can use any bit of content that you create and turn it into a lead magnet? In this workshop, you will learn all about various types of lead magnets, what they are and how to create them with minimal effort.

Many people spend so many hours procrastinating, designing, and making lead magnets as long as a textbook, STOP! You don’t need to do that. In this workshop, you will learn the purpose of a lead magnet and how to make the ideal eye-catching content to covert your audience into subscribers. 

This workshop is hosted by Raimonda Jan, founder of Women in Business Club, successful entrepreneur and mentor. She has a decade of first-hand experience in business. In her career, Raimonda has started a number of successful businesses and has helped many others achieve success.

Nurture Emails and Sales Funnels Masterclass

Join Katie as she talks about lead generation and gaining your first 1000 email subscribers for your business. She will explain what are nurture sequences to keep your audience engaged and connected, and sales funnels to convert your email subscribers into buyers. Kate will help you understand all the steps required to get started with building your nurture / sales sequence way so you know what you need to do to get started. 

Katie is an award-winning business mentor working with women starting out in the online world of business. Kate has started and run businesses online and offline, both in product and service based. She is also a no.1 bestselling co-author and is passionate about helping women get from where they are to where they want to be filling in their tech and mindset gaps. 

Attract Dreamie Clients Onto Your List Through Visibility 

In this session we will cover:

  • The one thing you need to do if you want to be successful in business (connection)
  • A business model to help you get really visible and attract dreamie clients
  • A fear busting tool to make visibility easier
  • A strategy to attract dreamie clients on repeat

Ruby McGuire, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection is a visibility strategist who works with service-based solopreneurs helping them to rock their visibility in their business both on and offline. She’s also a caffeine and Pinterest addict. She says preferably vanilla coffee, please!

A self-confessed introvert, Ruby understands what it’s like when you know you need to be more visible in your business but it doesn’t feel natural or comfortable. She wants everyone to go out there and rock their visibility AND have a life outside of their business.

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