Building Partnerships & Collaborations

Are you looking to build new SUCCESSFUL collaborations? Maybe you are looking to grow your business by leveraging new business partnerships? Then this theme is the perfect place to start! 

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Partnerships & Collaborations

We all know that business thrives on people spreading the good word about your business, more so when it is done by reputable organisations or individuals. 

In this month’s theme we will explore the subject of partnership and collaborations to help you build your business. We will focus on the best ways to approach collaboration partners, create WIN-WIN situations, and how to close those deals. 

Where to find possible partnerships and how to ensure they bring success to your business and growth. 

Go ahead and check out our workshop series and start building profitable and successful collaborations and partnerships! 

Featured Workshops & Resources

Building Collaborations to Success

Creating a successful business is never a one woman’s job. It usually takes many years and several people in order to build a successful business. 

But what if you could leapfrog to success by fostering better collaborations and partnerships? What if you could leverage your relationships in order to build your business and achieve your goals faster? 

Many people talk about collaborations – but usually leave the conversation so vague and up for interpretation that in the end, it results to nothing. So how do you do it so well that it demands your prospect’s attention? Join this session to find out. 

This masterclass is hosted by our WIB Club founder and serial entrepreneur Raimonda Jankunaite, who has over 10 years of business experience. The Women in Business Club has been built on the premise of partnerships and collaborations and in this session, you will get to learn just how Raimonda has fostered successful partnerships and collaboration to leapfrog her business to success. 

Leveraging Connections to Land Publicity

There are few things more important to successfully pursuing publicity than carefully curated connections and collaborations.

Helping women entrepreneurs share their stories on the world’s stage is my forte. In this session, Brielle will teach you how to create valuable connections, nurture and leverage them to increase your business success.

Join this workshop to learn how to manage relationships, share your breakthrough story and truly connect with your audience, prospects & media decision-makers at a heart level!

Brielle is a Publicity Expert & Celebrity-Maker. She helps people with a cause step onto the World’s Stage and share their story. Her clients have been featured in top media and publicity outlets including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Better Homes & Gardens, NBC, CBS and many more.

Brielle is a survivor of attempted murder & domestic violence and an advocate for a world where domestic violence is not tolerated and survivors are met with empathy. She is now happily remarried and a mother to two fabulous children. A World’s Grand Equestrian, Brielle, and her family live on a horse-breeding farm in Kentucky.

Kick-Ass in Business By Connecting

Connect, Learn, Flourish!
This workshop delves into how networking can help you grow as an entrepreneur. You will discover the top 6 benefits of making authentic connections and the impact it can have.

In this session our expert Keenda will break down the 6 benefits that you really can’t do without if you are serious about success.

You will learn:
– The difference between online and offline – Networking tactics and how these subtle shifts are critical to getting better opportunities
– Strategies to build a network
– Mindset and confidence
– 3 quick effective ways to get referrals with ease

If you want to accelerate your business, connect with the right people so you feel supported to get you there faster then this is one training you don’t want to miss!

Keenda Sisouphanh is the Networking Ninja and helps female entrepreneurs to up-level and grow their businesses by creating authentic connections through the art of savvy networking for business and collaboration opportunities! As the founder of Fempreneurs Offline, she encourages ‘in real life’ meet ups through her monthly Bellini and Brunch networking and training events and loves meeting and connecting with like-minded business women.

Use Code WIBCLUB to access this workshop (Case Sensitive)

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