Personal Branding Month May 2018

This month we are featuring 4 incredible personal branding experts who will share their knowledge and tips about personal brand, online presence, mindset and using video to boost your online visibility and make a meaningful connection with your audience. 


May 2018

Are you ready to create an irresistible personal brand that stands out and creates authority?

These four virtual workshops on personal branding, online presence, your personal style, mindset and how to become an absolute authority in your chosen field will help you do just that. 

We will be covering everything from your personal style and wardrobe tips, having an online and offline presence and how to prepare for your first personal branding photoshoot.

Not only this, but why it is so important to have a personal brand and the benefits that it has to your business. 

Finally, our experts will talk you through how to set up and build your online presence in a way that truly reflects your brand persona. Being confident in your personal brand will not only help you stand out from the crowd but make you more genuine, relatable and trustworthy to your audience. 


This Month’s Featured Experts

Crafting your personal brand message with Marielle Legair

Marielle Legair is an Author, International Speaker and founder of Women Who Influence, a global Personal Brand and Publicity online community for women. She helps female entrepreneurs become ‘famous’ in their industry, getting them featured in high profile media such as Forbes and the BBC, booked for speaking gigs and more! Her book, The Personal Brand Bible for Ambitious Women is available on Amazon.

Dominate your market by developing a winning mindset and attracting your ideal clients by Bryn Drescher

Bryn Alexandra Drescher is an online video strategist, transformational speaker and change facilitator. Bryn specializes in helping people get rid of the BS (Belief Systems) that are holding them back, and help develop a winning mindset where anything can be accomplished! Bryn will be revealing how to dominate your market by attracting your ideal clients. 

What you will discover:

 The 5 biggest mistakes business owners make with video & how to avoid them.

 The 3 videos you absolutely have to have on your website and on your social media platforms.

 The #1killer strategy that you can use to get clients on Auto-Pilot.

Personal Branding, Confidence and Mindset by Janetter Miller

Janette is an Image Consultant & Style Coach from London, who helps women discover their personal style and image through developing their confidence and working on a mindset shift. 

She particularly supports women who may want to go back to work or the office after giving birth. She helps women transform their style as well as their confidence by helping create a unique image that reflects their brand and personality.

Your Amazing Social Media Presence by Veronika Nemeth

Veronika Nemeth from StyleCoach Milano will be sharing her tips on creating an amazing online presence and setting yourself apart from the competition by crafting a unique, authentic and stylish personal brand. 

Veronika will teach you how to align your online image with your brand message and make sure that every first impression you make through your social profiles, videos, online meetings etc. supports your business growth. 

A defined personal style will not only help you communicate your message to your audience but also portray your values and services.  Veronika will help you master your brand image and teach you how to tell a story about yourself and your business, helping you to connect with your ideal audience.  

Create a powerful personal brand that will make people go – wow!

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