Public Speaking, Visibility & PR November 2018

Are you looking to take your visibility to the next level? Do you know that public speaking and PR are probably the fastest ways to become known and respected in your industry? This month we are taking your visibility seriously and inviting 3 amazing experts to show you how you too can become the queen of publicity and take the stage of public speaking like a pro.


We know that becoming visible may feel a little scary, public speaking may be a small  (or a huge) stretch for you right now. But believe that public speaking and PR is your way to becoming an established entrepreneur, a coach or a business leader that you want to be.

Playing small is no longer an option if you want to be successful, hiding behind your keyboard isn’t serving you anymore. It is time to step into your brave girl shoes and conquer those fear.

As they say, success is on the other side of fear. Go get them, girl! Below you will find all the exclusive workshops we have lined up for you this month. Also, keep an eye out on our blog and member only bonus materials where you will have some extra goodies to help you become the visibility queen.

This Month’s Featured Experts

The Art of the Big Talk with Tricia Brouk

No more hiding behind the scenes! Are you ready to share your story with the world? Perhaps you have been dreaming about stepping on TEDx stage and delivering your talk and sharing your incredible story?

Or maybe you are ready to do more public speaking but not sure how to craft your story? Where do you begin? How do you create a talk that is memorable and captivating to your audience?

In this session we will be talking about:

  • How to craft your own TEDx worthy talk
  • The difference between a keynote and a TEDx
  • Understanding structure, style and what makes a great talk
  • How to find your unique story to captivate an audience

Confidence on Stage with Tricia Brouk

When you think about being on a stage to deliver your talk, how do you feel? Do you feel excitement or knots in your tummy, from fear and worry?

Feeling the nerves in public speaking is important, but how you can use it to your advantage to deliver a truly epic talk on stage?

Are you looking to become a more confident and empowered speaker? Join us for this incredible workshop to learn:

  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • How to project more confident and self-assured self
  • How to master body language that creates more trust with an audience
  • What are the big ‘no-no’s’ in public speaking and why you should avoid them

Tricia Brouk is an award-winning director. She also writes and choreographs for theater, film, and television. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she applies her expertise to the art of public speaking.

The Stand Out CEO with Izabella Levey

You have always wanted to stand out and not just that you totally deserve to! Don’t worry, we have just the woman for you.

If anyone knows how to stand out, it is Success Coach, Izabella Levey. Izabella will be showing you how to stand out as a CEO so competition becomes irrelevant.

Izabella will be taking you through her secret recipe of success, teaching you how to show up, stand out and be a huge success.

Be prepared for TRANSFORMATION because Izabella does not go anywhere without leaving that behind.

Izabella Levey is the go-to Success Coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to make 6+ figures & experience the ultimate uplevel. A true believer that ALL women deserve to live out their true desires, Izabella specializes in mentoring women worldwide how to build a freedom-based business & live a luxurious laptop lifestyle, so they can work from wherever, whenever.


How to be your own publicist with Tara Bradford

Public Relations is an interaction you have with another person and the relationship that stems from it, which affects what you are known for in your industry. It is also the biggest factor if they like and trust you to do business with you.

In this workshop, we are taking your publicity to the next level, and Tara Bradford, Publicity Strategist & Reputation Designer will show you how.

Are you ready to be the trusted expert in your industry? Join us to learn:

  • How to know if you’re ready for publicity
  • How to build relationships with influencers (even if you feel intimidated)
  • Understand how to leverage your own publicity to help your business.

Discover whether or not all publicity really is a good publicity.

Tara Rae Bradford is a Publicity Strategist, Reputation Designer, and International Speaker. Tara has worked with everyone from startup founders to Fortune 500 executives to help them increase their visibility and become the center of influence. Her work has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Bustle and more! 

This is your time to shine and be visible!

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