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Tech & Systems

In this month’s theme, we will be looking at all the ways you can systemize your business and build processes in place to make your business run more efficiently. 

Tech and systems are entrepreneur’s holy grail to more freedom and time to focus on things that matter. Because tech will take care of all the things that you can not do when your business is still relatively small and there are only so many hours in the day. 

Action Points:

Take action to get your business systems set up to get back your freedom and time doing the things you love.

Storage Solutions

Never lose a thing again – this month we will show you clever storage and cloud solutions that will help you keep your documents secure and accessible anywhere in the world for you and your team. 

Email Automations

Wanting to nurture new leads in your business? Start with tech that will help you automate the process and nurture your audience even when you are asleep. 

Task Management

Have too many to-do lists and no real system in your work and project management? Time to get to know some tools to help you make your work more efficient and team more productive.

Systemise Your Business for Growth

Introductory session to System Automations and growth tools, how to create more freedom to live the life you deserve, while running your business efficiently and profitably. 

Business Club Founder and Entrepreneur of over 10 years, Raimonda Jankunaite will open the month with Carrie Walters, from Aurora Automations as our in-house implementation team behind our systems. 

Raimonda has also got a background experience in building businesses, innovation in business models and systems, start-up fundraising, and even building own crowdfunding platform.

Raimonda is now most passionate about empowering other women in business and female entrepreneurs, with knowledge, skills and much-needed business training. So no matter what size of your business is, these systems can be implemented for growth. 

Tech & Systems Bundle

Are you ready to create systems and processes in your business that will help you create consistency, give you more time and freedom to run your business without having to worry about tasks that can be processed automatically? 

Work & Task Management

Would you like to get more productive with your daily tasks and managing projects? Try out various project/team or task management tools to see what fits your style of working planning and executing projects. These can save you time and increase productivity. Our favourite tools are Asana and Trello for team project and planning. More tools in a workbook below. 

Storage and Cloud Back-ups

When was the last time you performed a back-up and computer clean? I get it, we are all busy and backing up your stuff may not be on your priority list – but it should. What if you lost everything tomorrow? Don’t wait for something to go wrong, back-up your computer to a cloud or external drive and perform a periodic computer software update. You will notice just how much faster your systems run. 

Mastering the tech behind your lead generation funnel

Your lead generation efforts are integral to the ultimate success of your business!

So many of us have an idea of what our process should be but struggle when it comes to making all the moving pieces fit together. In this workshop we will look at exactly what you need from a tech perspective in order to create a well-oiled, automated, lead generation process that will effortlessly manage your new leads for you!

Toni is a Digital Business Consultant, helping female entrepreneurs with tech and digital strategy so that they can cut the overwhelm and frustration to build a business they love. 

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Now that you have figure out the tech behind your email automations – let’s find out how to build an easy and practical email sequence to engage and captivate your audience. 

In this video Tonya takes you through her simple steps to engaging email sequence automation. 


This Theme’s WorkBooks

Here are the workbooks that have been provided for this theme. 

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