Tech Month

June 2018

In July we featured 4 incredible Women in Tech experts who shared their knowledge and skills in technology and the latest tools to empower your business. Our chosen experts will show you how to create, repurpose and make the most out of your content. How to find the right WordPress themes for your new website. What your numbers means when it comes to big data and how to make better-informed decisions when it comes to your marketing and business.


Are you ready to empower your business with Technology and give yourself some freedom to enjoy life?
As women in business we rely on technology more than ever for many daily tasks and activities. You may have not yet realized but our businesses are now becoming more reliant on technology too. So, what do you need to know and understand about Tech, even if the word itself frightens you?

For our Technology month we are featuring industry experts to deliver workshops for our club members on TECHNOLOGY, covering everything you need to know and understand to empower your business.

These four women in Tech will help your business from not knowing how to use a computer to mastering tools that create huge value and efficiency in your business.

This Month’s Featured Experts

Content Syndication with Katrina Young

What if you could create one piece of quality content and repurpose it in many different formats to be shared across different platforms? Save yourself some time and effort by joining Content Syndication workshop with marketing and technology expert Katrina Young. You will learn her secrets of repurposing content by using simple tools to help you create many new forms of content that will help your marketing efforts and drive a new audience to your funnels.

Katrina helps business owners, Coaches, Consultants and Corporations to create a Strategy to package and build your Automated Business Systems via Optimised Sales Marketing Funnels with strategy, automation, optimised lead generation

Choosing WordPress Themes with Amanda Ross

 You see a beautiful theme and buy immediately…but when you get into it, you realize that it doesn’t do so many things that you expected and it’s a mess and you can’t make it work, and it’s so annoying that you want to scream!

You think, “I thought WordPress was supposed to be easy?!”

After this session, you will know exactly what to look for to uncover the truth about the theme you (think) you love before you buy it. Saving you from massive headaches and frustration.

Data driven business with Giedre Aleknonyte

Why data-driven businesses grow faster and more efficiently (and how you can start becoming one of them today!!)

What EXACTLY should I post on social media? How do I get my landing pages and sales funnels to convert more leads to paying clients? Am I not closing enough discovery calls because I need to improve my sales skills, or because I’m talking to the wrong prospects?

All of these questions – and many more – can be answered by looking into the data that your business generates. When you know how to turn this data into insights and business decisions, your business grows.

In this workshop, you will learn the exact 4-step framework you can start applying today to start turning data into clever decisions and bring in more leads, more money, and more happiness by becoming a data-driven business owner.

New Technology and Tools with Raimonda Jan

Technology has changed and evolved dramatically over the last few years. Technology and innovation expert Raimonda Jankunaite will bring you up-to-date with the latest news from Tech sector and international tech events, giving you an overview of what is current and what you need to know about the latest tech trends. 

In this month’s blog Raimonda will also be sharing her favorite tools that will make your work more efficient, easy and fast. 

Raimonda has worked in technology sector for almost a decade, developed number of online platforms, and created efficient systems to run her 2 businesses. Discover a tool box that has been put together for your business to start using tech tools today!

Empower your business with technology and the latest tools!

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