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The Social Media Bundle

It’s time to up-level your social media game, ladies!! Are you ready to learn more about growing your business using social media?

Are you ready to show up and become visible online to your potential customers and clients?

Come and join us this month for a special edition Social Media bundle, where you can learn all about becoming visible online.


Social Media Bundle

Are you ready to begin your journey to social media and online visibility?

Let’s start with the basics


When starting out with social media you may want to begin with setting out your social media strategy and setting some goals 


Content is a huge part of social media success – decide 5-7 types of content you want to share consistently with your audience to keep them interested and engaged


In order to stay consistent and motivated you need to set some goals that will help you stay on track. Set out 3-5 key KPI’s that you want to achieve in the next 6 months 

Your Social Media Strategy

First key to Social Media success is having a strategy in mind and deciding on the type of content you want to share with your followers. 

What will they be interested in? How can you captivate their attention and engage with your content? Go ahead and grab this workbook and watch the video training to help you nail your social media strategy. 

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Does it feel like your social media profiles are a little outdated? Or perhaps you just not sure how to make the most out of them? 

Check out this awesome training showing you the exact steps to help you set up your social media profiles to boost your visibility and clients/ customer conversions. P.s. don’t forget the workbook! 


Social Media Content Ideas

Are you often wondering what to post on your social media accounts? Struggle to come up with something creative and fun? Grab this FREE 48 content Ideas workbook and start creating brand new and engaging content for your social media followers. 

Building Your Social Media Awareness

When it comes to social media and converting followers to clients or customers, there is a step by step proccess that happens in your audience’s mind. From initial discovery to purchase – you need to create enough awareness for the actual purchase to take place. 

Go ahead and check out the first of 4 video series from our Social Media Mastery training available within WIB Member’s Club. 


Action Points:

Take action in your business to get social media visible 


Brainstorm and decide on 5-7 content types you will be sharing including the various core subjects you will be talking about on your social media channels. 


Decide on your strategy for the various social media channels you have set up for your business. What topics will be covered on which platforms and how it will be used to draw new audience to your business


Set your goals for the next 6 months – what do you want to achieve from using social media? What will make you feel like you succeded and time investment was worthwhile? 

12 Months Content Planner 

Do you want to become more consistent with your social media content? Are you always wondering what to post next? 

Grab our 12-month editable content planner – so you can become more efficient and prepared for social media any day! 

Bonus:  40 Social Media Prompt Questions to help you create the best stories, conversation topics, ideas and other interesting social media posts for your audience.

Happy Creating! 

Bonus workbooks

So you want to get social media savvi? Grab these additional bonus workbooks to help you Master your Video skills. Get our insider tips for Instagram success and grab a cheat sheet to FB Ads success! You can’t go without these social media essentials! 

Video Mastery

Looking to master video for social media? Grab this free cheatsheet. 

Instagram Secrets

Do you want to master Instagram for business? Grab this easy to follow 10 step IG Sucess cheat sheet. 

FB Ad cheat sheet

Are you wondering how to run profitable Facebook ads for your business? Grab this step by step cheat sheet to help you get started. 

Members Only Blog 

As a member of our community, you get access to our dedicated members-only blog section. 

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