Why is tech so important in your business?

In this day and age, it doesn’t matter the size of your business, or the nature of your products or services, technology has a part to play. The market is competitive and unless businesses harness the power of using tech, they can easily get left behind.

But why it technology SUCH an important part of businesses these days?


Technology is crucial to how we communicate with our customers. It is not only how we communicate with our customers, but it also enables us to connect with our customers – on a multitude of platforms.

Social media platforms and groups enable us to communicate quickly and directly with our audience. We can share instant content and updates, new services and products in the blink of an eye, but in a competitive digital space, it is important that our content stands out and reaches the right people.

Technology on social media can help us do this in the form of analysis apps and tools helping us understand what engages our customers and what makes them stop and look. We can use fantastic content repurposing tools to make eye-catching graphics and videos to share on our platforms, as well as GIFS, infographics and interactive tools such as polls and quizzes.

Social media isn’t the only way we use technology to communicate through our business. Our websites allow customers to find the answers to their questions or to ask questions through contact forms. Emails and instant messengers apps such as Whatsapp allow for faster response times to our customers than in previous years.  We are in an age where an instant response is expected and technology helps us to meet that need.

Efficiency and Organisation

Technology, when used effectively can make us much more productive and efficient in our business.  Not only us individually, but also our employee or associate workers. As discussed previously, tech can aid communication, not only with your customers but also your employees.

Project Management Tools are a fantastic way to start organising your business. There is a multitude to choose from including Asana, Trello, Evernote, the key is to try some out and find what works for you. These nifty software’s sync up to your phone and computers allowing you to access your tasks and update your projects anywhere and with great simplicity. The ability to allocate tasks and collaborate together can greatly reduce the amount of time spend emailing documents and messages back and forth.

By being more productive and organising your time effectively, you can see huge benefits to your business, but potentially also your health and wellbeing but working smarter, not harder. These productivity apps allow you to use your time wisely, even whilst on the go.

CRM Systems

As your business grows it can be easy to start losing track of customers knowing where in their journey they are and whether you already followed up that lead for example. CRM systems are a fantastic and cost-effective way of collecting all of your information in one place. Quick and easy to learn how to use CRM systems will help you improve customer service experience. Not only that if you are feeling adventurous you can explore the incredible functionality CRMs have when linking them up to other technology and apps within your business.


One of the best uses of technology when it comes to saving time in your business is being able to automate processes that you spend time doing again and again. For example, did you know you can schedule your social media content in batches in advance using apps such as Hootsuite or Planable?

Or automate email sequences, sign-ups and newsletters through email marketing programs such as Mailchimp? Using technology to help you manage these is a real time saver in any business.

Analysis and Statistics

Do you ever look at the data from your business? If you don’t you should! Data is the key to reliably turning business uncertainty into business confidence. The data in your business is a critical indicator as to what is and isn’t working.  It can help inform your next steps, shape the direction of your business and support you in knowing things like – Are your customers finding you? How are they finding you and what engages them the most?  Once you know the answer to what is working, you can ensure you do more of that and spend your time and money more wisely.

This is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to using technology in your business. There are millions of ways that technology can support you, the key is to find the tools that work for you. Are you still keeping paper receipts and doing your accounts manually? Why not check out some of the excellent accounting software on the market? This will help you keep an eagle eye on your cash flow and income, and will save you time and money when it comes to your year-end returns.

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We’d love to know what your favourite apps and technology to use in your business are – why not let us know in the comments below.