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Have you ever wondered HOW some small business owners seem to fly through their initial growth stages with ease, yet still have time for the things they enjoy? The secret to their success is having tools in place to grow and scale. 


Systemise Your Business

Ever wondered what successful business owners have in common? 

They build their business by using systems to manage and automate the key processes and tasks in their businesses, so they can focus on tasks they are great at and enjoy life.

They also align the tools based on their core processes and goals of the business. 

In this theme we are hosting Aurora Automations, a Tech Business Support Agency  who are pulling back the curtain and sharing the process of using automation and tools for their client businesses to help them grow and scale. 

Tech Tools, Resources & Training 

Systemise Your Business for Growth and Freedom Lifestyle 

Introductory session to System Automations and growth tools, how to create more freedom to live the life you deserve, while running your business efficiently and profitably. 

Business Club Founder and Entrepreneur of over 10 years, Raimonda Jankunaite will open the month with Carrie Walters, from Aurora Automations as our in-house implementation team behind our systems. 

Raimonda has also got a background experience in building businesses, innovation in business models and systems, start-up fundraising, and even building own crowdfunding platform.

Raimonda is now most passionate about empowering other women in business and female entrepreneurs, with knowledge, skills and much needed business training. So no matter what size of your business is, these systems can be implemented for growth.  

Managing Your Team Effectively


Join the Aurora Team to learn more about our story of coming together as a functioning group of women on a mission to impact as many small businesses as possible. There are always lots of questions about the specific structure and layout of an Agency level business, however, Aurora’s success transcends all of the processes or tools that they use to serve their clients and team. What is the secret to having multiple minds focused on the same goals? The Aurora Effect

In this Month’s Theme You will learn so much more about automations, team building, chat bots and systems to make your business run more efficiently. 


Managing Your Team

There are always lots of questions about the specific structure and layout of an Agency level business, however, Aurora’s success transcends all of the processes or tools that they use to serve their clients and team.  What is the secret to having multiple minds focused on the same goals? The Aurora Effect

Trello Training

Trello is a fantastic tool that has powerful abilities within your business. As any brand grows, you must focus on making sure that ALL of your tasks are complete and ALL of your client’s and team members needs are met.  Get to know this incredible tool that we use in project management.

A Better Way to Make Lists

Say Hello to Trello – one app that keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use and it’s free.

Download our FREE Trello Board templates to use in your business. 



Automate with Zapier

A basic level Zapier introduction. Gain an understanding of how this powerful connection tool can ease your personal burden for a huge majority of tasks that can easily eat up all of your joy and time. 

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Using an Automated Email Marketing isn’t The ONLY way to Nurture your List – We will introduce you to new and innovative ways to engage with your potential customers using innovative tools. 

Time & Team Management – system automations & automated nurture / email marketing.  

Co-Owner, Course Creator and magic behind the curtain of Aurora Automations. Tonya’s background is in Social Media and Email Marketing and Strategy as well as Systems and Business Coaching, Website and Graphic Design.  Tonya lives with her hubby John and her 4 fur-babies. She and John are full-time RV’ers and love to travel.

The most beautiful part of any team is the way in which those individuals can come together to get goals accomplished.  Hear a bit from each of our members on how they keep up with their own time management and learn about tools that we have in place to keep this agency on time, even when there is an ocean that separates us!

There are TONS of tools and platforms that focus on keeping groups of individuals focused while working on a digital team.  

We aren’t your typical marketing agency, our team are innovative and multi-talented when it comes to digital, social and online marketing.  

G-suite Automation Tools

Take Google Suite to the next level! Learn some of Aurora’s favorite ways to use Google native automation abilities to maximize your efforts through processes that traditionally take LOTS of time to do well.


Join the Messenger Automation half of our Agency to talk about how we use ALL of the tools and pieces we talked about this month as part of one POWERFUL, messenger based hub for our business.  We have figured out how to use messenger for not just sales and marketing, but for community building, team or customer onboarding, course delivery, quizzes, and most importantly, following the path of potential customers through the messenger funnel.  Come learn about some of the not-so-well-known but REALLY COOL THINGS that we can use our messenger systems to accomplish for any small business owner!

Tech Automations – Planning and Growing to Scale

In this training, Carrie will talk about her personal process of building a top performing agency from scratch. You will learn about steps that brought Aurora from a dream to an actualized brand with multiple product lines and partnerships.  Through her unique entry to business and marketing, she shares her equally unique perspective on how to successfully build a business that is designed to scale and grow with ferocity from the very first piece of planning.

Co-Owner and Process Planning Bot Master of Aurora Automatons.  Carrie was an Executive Chef in her first career. She attributes her the ability to see problems as puzzles that need to be simplified and solved to the many years she spent directly impacting small businesses from the inside. She created the Aurora brand as a way to serve business owners of ALL types through powerful yet affordable automation.

Carrie lives with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs in Holland, MI where they enjoy the beauty of the Lake Michigan coast. 

This month Carrie will be covering:

– Planning and Growing to Scale with better internal systems and automations

– Time & Team Management Systems

– G-Suite overview & automation tools

– Using Messenger as Your automation hub to lead generate, nurture and deliver your online content and even courses and

What is it? Link analyzer and shortener:
Includes: Create shortened and branded links for all your content. Track and analyze all links – see what’s working and what’s not working. See where most of your traffic is coming from and analyze which content performs better.

How to Shorten & Track Your Links with and

Nausheen Daniel is the founder and owner of LemonDrop Solutions which specialized in business strategy, automation and growth.  Nausheen’s past experience has been in clinical research working in the pharmaceutical industry and with clinical start-ups where her strategy and business operations skills developed.  She created LemonDrop Solutions with one mission to help businesses be able to create a strategy and put in place the plan which automatically allows their business to grow.

Nausheen currently lives in Puerto Rico with her family (Husband and 3 children, ages 11, 7, and 6) who she also homeschools.  When not busy with all that, she loves sungazing on the beach, painting & designing.

Looking for tools to help you with your launch?  

Here is an in-depth resource to help you set up your launch for success sing some of our favourite tech tools.

Starting with communication tools to bring prospects into your world, nurture them and help them transact, to payment systems and hosting platforms that will help you deliver epic customer experience.  




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 As an ambassador, you will earn 15% of each referral and reoccurring 15% after 5 referrals 

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All of this for only $37.99 a month or $379.00 a year. Member’s Club is designed for all Women Entrepreneurs with ideas and dreams of having a freedom lifestyle whilst running a successful business. 

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